Fall Fashion


Ice Queen On a Budget

Each year a new trend comes out for each season. This past summer was a very retro one with the mini skirts, halter tops, and and beaded necklaces, and It seems like the retroness is following us into the fall and winter season… Tbh, I’m all for it. But let’s be honest, keeping up with the trends can be really costly.

In order to put outfits together, one should have staple pieces in their wardrobe that can help them achieve their look.Below are some staples that I think can be worn through out the whole winter in some many different ways and it’s hella affordable!!

Links to find staple pieces:

  1. H&M : They are known for their amazing basics and do you see the price???
  2. Zara:  Zara’s coats are extremely versatile! Goes with any kind of outfits.
  3. Aritzia:  Aritzia has the best co-ord sets that can also be mix matched with other pieces.

4. ASOS:

ASOS has a collection of different brands and affordable prices that simple yet trendy and have a great collection of boots … and I KNOW YALL SEE THE SALE RIGHT NOW!


Aritzia outfit inspo
Yes, the famous Zara pants had to be included! I have linked the pants here, feel free to purchase them if they fit right


  • Alejandra Hernandez

    Loved this blog post all the pictures you add gave a good visual for all the described pieces, I liked that you acknowledged that keeping up with some of the fashion trends can be costly. The addition of pictures was also helpful because there’s some fashion terms that poeple might not understand like myself.

  • Brandon

    I really like the aesthetics of your website it matches your style of clothing. This blog post is great, you give great suggestions to find the staple piece’s for reasonable prices. Even though I am a guy I could still take away information to use for my winter wardrobe. Good work!

  • Nader A Nagi

    There is no way you in CT 101. you’re truly an expert in building websites. Great work on this website, I really like the formatting and all the context you included. thank you for this outstanding work.

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